About Recoy

Robert is founder of Recoy and has been involved with the energy-transition for more than 20 years through amongst others Shell and ECN. He has a background in mechanical engineering and an MBA.

Whilst with Shell Renewables & Hydrogen he was responsible for strategy and planning of investment in wind, solar PV, biomass, geothermal and hydrogen. In 2011, he became COO with ECN and thus became responsible for the innovation program around Solar PV, wind, biomass, industrial energy-saving, policy studies and systemintegration. With this, he has been exposed to the full breadth of the energy transition. He is a lecturer at the Energy Delta Institute and advisor to the “Schooldakrevolutie”.

Managing Director

Robert Kleiburg

“My passion is in creating a more sustainable energy system by creating energy flexibility

Sjoerd is co-founder of Recoy and an allround expert in the field of sustainable energy. He has a professional background in corporate finance & technology transfer.

After completing his study in Corporate Law at Groningen University he worked from 2005 – 2011 as a mergers – and acquisitions advisor at Troostwijk Introman and Deloitte Corporate Finance. In 2011 Sjoerd switched to ECN, one of the leading research groups in Europe in the field of sustainable energy technology. As Technology Transfer Manager, he was responsible for the identification and commercialization of promising technologies and the creation of spin-off ventures such as LeydenJar Technologies and Blueheart Energy.

Innovation & New Business Director

Sjoerd Wittkampf

“It is my personal ambition to develop innovative products that can help speed up the energy transition.

Mark is an expert in the field of optimizing flexible assets and production processes. He combines a profound understanding of energy-markets with data-driven optimization techniques to realize maximum valorization of energy flexibility.

Mark studied Technical Business Administration at Groningen University, after which he went to Sweden to study at one of the most sustainable technical universities in Europe achieving a Master in Operations Management and a specialist track in Sustainability Transitions. His interests lie particularly in the area of the transition of complex (industrial) processes and chains, where smart, data-driven solutions are more and more often a key driver for sustainability.

Product and Consultancy Lead

Mark Kremer

“To develop smart, data-driven solutions with which we can rapidly make our energy-system sustainable – that’s what gives me energy!

Roland is mainly responsible for Project Management and Implementation. He has a commercial background in Energy as well as Project Management of large Energy Management Software Systems. 

After completing his studies in Econometrics at Rotterdam University and MIT/Harvard in Boston, Roland worked for Shell in a number of commercial functions in various European countries all focused at sale, transport and storage of natural gas. In 2011, Roland founded his own company, aiming at the implementation of large Energy Trading and Risk Management software systems for a number of large German utilities as a Project Manager.

Project & Account Manager

Roland Kahmann

“Energy is a fundamental good in our society. What drives me is the question of how to use it in a sustainable and societally responsible manner whilst maintaining our living standards.

Bhanu is a software developer at Recoy, Focusing on data analysis, design and development for Energy optimization with a focus to further develop Recoy’s Real-time Optimisation Platform.


Bhanu completed his bachelor Engineering in Computers from JNTU university, worked as software developer for multiple organizations in India and moved to Netherlands in 2018. He has several years of experience in end-to-end software development.

Software Engineer

Bhanu Vaddavalli

“What motivates me is to accept the real world challenges and develop the solutions for the future generations.

Rolf has a passion to create simple solutions for complex problems, using creativity, mathematics and software engineering. He works as an Energy Optimization Architect at Recoy, and has an extensive background in Investment Management, Operations Research and Computer Science.

After obtaining his MSc degree in Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rolf started his career at Ortec Finance with a focus on Risk Management. After 20 years he left the finance industry and became Director Data Science with exposure to new business domains, such as healthcare, logistics and energy. 

Software Architect

Rolf Lange

“What drives me is to solve important societal problems with our team in the real world, and to break down complex issues into scalable solutions!

Shahla is working as an Optimisation Consultant within Recoy and helps our customers to realize the maximum potential of their energy flexibility.

After she finished her BSc in Chemical engineering in Azerbaijan, she continued her MSc in Chemical & Process Engineering at LUT University in Finland followed by a PDEng in Process & Product Design at TU Eindhoven. Shahla worked on highly versatile research projects, including modelling of P2H technology chains, to develop sustainable solutions for existing processes.

Optimisation Consultant

Shahla Huseynova

“Accelerating the energy transition towards a more sustainable future by developing smart solutions motivates me; this way future generations may have a world tomorrow.

Christiaan is working as Optimisation Consultant within Recoy, helping customers reduce investment costs in new technologies by optimizing their implementation.

After finishing his BSc Science, Business and Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, he followed the MSc Complex Systems Engineering and Management at the TU Delft. His work on projects include the modelling of cost-effective infrastructure for electric trucks and the techno-financial analysis of CO2 free steel production.

Optimisation Consultant

Christiaan Buitelaar

“My goal is to help show businesses that new sustainable technologies are not only better for the climate, but also getting more attractive financially than conventional solutions.

We are making the energy system of the future happen

Energy for change

Recoy helps organizations contribute towards a sustainable and reliable energy system by smartly using energy flexibility. This way the right moment can be chosen to use sustainable and cheap energy. This leads to considerable savings for our clients and society.

We are going through an energy transition: from coal to sustaianable energy. Our advice is to use it!


Would you like to work in a world full of new opportunities?

At Recoy we want to make a major contribution to the energy transition. We focus in particular on large energy consumers, such as manufacturers and fleet owners for  example. We do this with our heart and mind. We help them with insight, overview and with real scenarios and smart software to improve their use of energy.

Do you also want to play a significant role? Welcome. View our vacancies or write an open application. In any case, thanks for your energy!