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Recoy was founded in 2017 by Robert Kleiburg. Robert is no stranger to the energy industry. He worked on the energy transition with organisations like Shell and ECN. The energy transition is accelerating. The awareness regarding the need to change has increased and the increased competitiveness of renewable energy make it an attractive options as compared to fossil fuels. The question now is: “how can we build a reliable and sustainable energy system? There is a shortage of dispatchable renewable energy, many renewable energy sources are weather-dependent, which make it more difficult to transition away from fossil fuels.  New solutions are needed. Both in terms of technology development and flexible energy consumption.

Recoy helps organisations to make the first big step by making energy consumption more flexible. As a result, cheap renewable energy is used at the right time, when it is available. Better for the organisation. Better for the world. Pure necessity for the welbeing of future generations.

Cooperation with N-SIDE

Recoy works closely together with N-SIDE, a Belgium-based company with an internationally leading position in the optimisation of energy flexibility.

N-SIDE develops, sells and implements innovative solutions, based on advanced analytics, and applies this to complex management problems. N-SIDE was founded in 2000, has offices in Belgium, US and Brazil. N-SIDE employs >50 personnel mainly in applied mathematics with over 30% PhDs.

N-SIDE has developed ENERTOP, which aims to optimise energy flexibility of the energy-intensive industry with the following benefits:

  • Generate optimal energy cost reduction
  • Maximize profit from Demand Response (DR)
  • Provide optimal investment plan
  • Plan optimal production scheduling

Energy Storage NL

Recoy is a member of Energy Storage NL, the central platform in The Netherlands for knowledge and ‘best practices’ in energy storage technologies.

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