Recoy and N-SIDE join forces to accelerate the energy transition!

20 February 2018 Posted by Mark Kremer News News

Recoy and N-SIDE, a world-leading advanced analytics company from Belgium have signed a partnership agreement to help industries and energy producers in the Netherlands to capture the full value of their energy flexibility.

Recoy and N-SIDE have joined forces to make N-SIDE modular energy flexibility optimization platform available to the Dutch process industry and various other sectors such as glass, horticulture, e-mobility and renewable energy generators. With the increasing share of wind and solar generation, electricity prices are becoming much more volatile, which presents risks and opportunities. Predicting the fluctuations in electricity prices, identifying flexibilities within the production process and optimizing the value from demand response is highly complex, but worth the effort! N-SIDE has successfully demonstrated that industrial sites can save over 10% on their energy bill by leveraging their energy flexibility. By doing so, the industrial sites also help to accelerate the energy transition as this enables the integration of variable renewable energy sources like wind and solar. The energy transition in the Netherlands is now in full swing, as the Dutch government urged the industry to prepare to swap from Groningen-gas to other energy sources, preferably renewable energy.

“Electrification has become a very hot topic and with N-SIDE’s solutions we can help companies assess investments in energy flexibility such as storage, grid reinforcement and hydrogen and help them to develop a future-proof energy transition strategy” – Robert Kleiburg, Managing Director of Recoy.

N-SIDE Energy flexibility optimization portfolio includes an electricity prices forecast suite and a complete decision-aid solution (ENERTOP) deployable on different time horizons from strategic to real-time operations. The advanced analytics algorithms provide recommendation to clients on optimal production and consumption.

“Partnering with Recoy is a key milestone for N-SIDE to accelerate the implementation of innovative advanced analytics solutions. Thanks to the combination of sound expertise and dynamism of its team, Recoy is the leading company for energy transition in the Netherlands” – Jacques Parlongue, CEO of N-SIDE.