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About recoy

Recoy’s mission is to accelerate the energy transition. We help energy-intensive companies to save costs by purchasing energy at the right time, by making  better use of the existing energy flexibility and by expanding it. As a result, variable-producing forms of energy such as wind and solar energy are better integrated into the energy system.

Senior Data Scientist / Algorithm Engineer

About the job

As a Senior Data Scientist you will be responsible for the development and further improvement of the optimization algorithms for our Real-Time Optimization Platform. By using forecasting models and optimization techniques, you will exercise optimal real-time control of flexible energy assets. Your goal is to maximize the value of the energy flexibility for our customers.


  • Develop and implement machine learning / statistical models and algorithms to solve complex business problems;
  • Analyze large datasets to identify patterns, trends and insights;
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to translate business requirements into data-driven solutions;
  • Communicate findings and insights to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

You will also have the opportunity to work closely with Heliox, Recoy’s strategic partner in the fast charging systems within public transport, e-trucks, marine, mining and port equipment, and leverage their global portfolio of fast charging infrastructure to unlock value for Recoy’s customers and accelerate the energy transition.

About You

As a Senior Data Scientist at Recoy you will have a major influence on the further development of our platform, and you can really make an impact to speed up the energy transition in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and qualities:

  • PhD or Master’s degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Econometrics, Operations Research or related field;
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in in mathematical programming, including experience with solver software;
  • Strong programming skills in languages such as Python, R, or Scala;
  • Experience analyzing large amounts of data and converting it into workable models;
  • Experience with C# /.Net
  • Experience with big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, or Hive;
  • Experience in high frequency trading or algorithm trading is a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills, enabling you to explain problems and solutions to people from different backgrounds;

Ability to work both independently and in a team

About Recoy

The fast-paced start-up Recoy aims to accelerate the energy transition by providing smart solutions to integrate cheap, but highly variable solar and wind energy production into a stable energy system.

We have developed an optimization platform that allows flexible assets such as electrical buses, e-trucks, megawatt-scale electric boilers and large-scale batteries to be controlled in a smart way by reacting to fluctuations in the electricity prices and/or predictions of the production of solar and wind energy. This enables energy-intensive companies to save costs by using electricity when prices are low or even negative and by making better use of and expanding the existing energy flexibility. As a result, we help to keep the electricity grid in balance, reduce congestion on the electricity grid and support the successful integration of sustainable energy sources such as solar and wind energy.

We are currently operating and further developing our ‘Real-Time Optimization Platform’, a cloud-based solution that will be key in accomplishing our goals. It combines the variation in energy prices and production with the customers’ flexibility in energy storage and consumption. By using forecasting models and optimization techniques we can exercise optimal real-time control of flexible energy assets in combination with on-site solar panels and wind turbines.

Recoy recently formed a strategic partnership with Heliox, market leader in fast charging systems within public transport, e-trucks, marine, mining and port equipment with a strong-focus on vehicle-to-grid technology. The partnerships gives Recoy access to a strong portfolio of DC charging infrastructure and stationary storage that we can optimise to unlock value for our customers and accelerate the energy transition.

Our Culture

Recoy has an informal culture where we solve tangible problems. We like to think out-of-the box and move fast and agile. We are a tight-knit team and believe collaboration is key to deliver the best result for our customers. You will be working in a small but growing team. This means that you will quickly learn about all aspects of Recoy, the energy domain and of course our customers. We value a good work-life balance, so we regularly work from home. Of course, we enjoy and value meeting each other regularly in our comfortable office in Halfweg (near Amsterdam) to meet-up, collaborate and share a good walk, lunch, or drinks.


If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, than apply and send your CV (and motivation letter) to: Sjoerd Wittkampf email:
We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have questions? Please contact Sjoerd Wittkampf tel. +31 6 575 66 384

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